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Firefighter Crate

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about Firefighter Crate?

What type of subscriptions are available?

One Alarm Crate:
This subscription gets you a package delivery that focuses on very cool and practical firefighting items for on or off the fire grounds. These items are picked from useful and awesome stuff from coffee and soaps to door wedges and pocket pry bars and you will be supporting a firefighter owned and operated businesses at the same time.

Two Alarm Crate:
Contains everything from the First Alarm Crate and will include 2 to 3 more items. This crate is for firefighters wanting more badass gear, because you can NEVER have enough gear.

Third Alarm Crate:
Contains everything from the First and Second Alarm Crates PLUS 1 to 3 (extra) items. These items will will be higher valued and where possible also, will sometimes be handmade.

Fourth Alarm Crate:
This crate will of course be the cream of the crop. Besides including everything shipped in the first 3 crates it will contain a special item that’s valued at over $100 MSRP. These items vary from month to month and will be anything from rescue knives to bail out equipment.

When will my renewal happen?

When you reach the last month of your subscription, your plan will automatically renew on the 1st of the following month. So, for example, if your last scheduled crate arrives in May, your next plan will start with an automatic renewal on June 1st, and your next crate will arrive, as usual, later that month. You can cancel the upcoming renewal at any time. Please Note: Canceling your subscription only cancels the auto renewal of the original term. It DOES NOT initiate a refund for the remainder of a term or the original order.

How will I know my order shipped, and how do I track my order?

When your order ships, you will receive a shipping notification email with your tracking number so you can follow your package all the way to your mailbox.

How will my order ship?

We ship the majority of our crates with UPS, which partners with the USPS for final delivery.

How do I cancel my crate or change my shipping information?

As with any club subscription, you create an account that you can log into and make changes to; including updating shipping and billing information or cancelling your auto renewal. You can login to your account here. (Web Address) Please Note: Canceling your subscription only cancels the auto renewal of the original term. It DOES NOT initiate a refund for the remainder of a term or the original order.

What is the refund policy?

Once you’ve made your purchase, your gear is reserved and put aside. We do not offer refunds due to the fact we have to reserve a large of amount of gear for our customers. We do this to be as accurate as possible with our projections in order to ensure that everyone gets their crates in a timely manner each month.

What if I have questions about my order? How do I get in touch?

We are passionate about our product and our customers, as such everytime you need to reach out to us we will respond as quickly as possible. Emails are answered in the order they are received, and phones calls are answered by an actual human. Questions? Feedback? Contact us! We love to hear from you… Let us know by sending your emails to support@firefightercrate.com

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