Firefighter Crate

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We believe that firefighters know what firefighters need. At Firefighter Crate we believe in supporting our fellow brothers and sisters who have firefighter owned and operated companies. These brave men and women have moved on to making their own detoxing soap, rescue tools, health powders and supplements, coffee, suspenders, chin straps and the list goes on and on. We can’t always fill every box with products made by firefighter owned companies, but we will try our best!

Choose from any of the 4 monthly plans.

1st alarm crate
$24.99 / month

(2-3 items)

This subscription gets you a package delivery that focuses on very cool and practical firefighting items for on or off the fire grounds.


2nd alarm crate
$49.99 / MONTH

(4-6 items)

Contains everything from the First Alarm Crate and will include 2 to 3 more items.


3rd alarm crate
$99.99 / MONTH

(5-7 items)

Contains everything from the First and Second Alarm Crates PLUS 1 to 3 (extra) items.



4th alarm crate
$149.99/ MONTH 

(5-7  items + 1 $100 item)

Besides including everything shipped in the first 3 crates it will contain a special item that’s valued at over $100 MSRP.

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